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Cellulose dental rolls

Cellulose dental rolls are made in the form of small rolls of cellulose wadding, rolled and wrapped in hygienic tissue paper. They are designed to dry the oral cavity during dental procedures, or the unveiling of the treatment area in its course. All materials used for production are approved for contact with human mucous membranes.

Dental rolls are white, smooth, do not contain optical brighteners, and mechanical impurities. They do not stick to the mucosa.

Due to their high absorbency, cellulose dental rolls are a product highly respected among dental practitioners, even when soaked with liquid for a long time they do not fall to pieces and are easy to remove.

With their affordable price our dental rolls are a great alternative to the commonly used cellulose wadding that requires separate twisting, which is a time-consuming occupation and the effect of this work is a far from finished dental roller.

Our dental rolls are first available cost-effective and operationally practical products, designed for everyday work of a dentist.


Celulozowe wałeczki stomatologiczneCelulozowe wałeczki stomatologiczneCelulozowe wałeczki stomatologiczne